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Iconic Design Museum-Quality Arrivals

Iconic Furniture some still crated 1960s -2010s. Please set the attached list.

As promised to many already, attached is the first list of iconic furniture that I'm adding to the inventory. I will be returning this coming week with artwork and smalls from my first trip. Most smalls are not listed yet and none of the artwork. I already have $6000 worth of Vitra Museum and Herman Miller handmade Miniatures in the shop. Great gifts for the collectors and architects.

The larger furniture pieces will be trickling in as we have to set up and implement an organization system in Nashville where it is currently located. Some items are vintage and some are produced between 2000 and 2010ish. All from original manufacturers and many still in their original crates. I don't actually know yet all of the existing inventory. Two pieces, the two new Pony chairs, the Brooklyn and RISD museums have first dibs. Sorry. There are two other Pony chairs available, used very carefully by the original owners. Contact me if you have any questions. Cheers. Best Regards, Patricia Email: or to whichever email you usually use.

MM+ Iconic Nashville Inventory List
Download PDF • 33KB

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