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Enjoy sharing knowledge and further your projects!

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Restoration Starter

Do the Right Thing!  DIY! Restoration can be a daunting process. Should your item be salvaged?  What are your resources, supplies, time, expectations?  Restoration techniques discussed with hands-on demonstration and practice. 


Americas: MidCentury Design History

Great and iconic design influenced North American and South American design. Bold designers of South America took the modern sleek lines and made their own identifiable statements.  

MM+ covers the early influences of Europe and North America and what has transpired since the early 1950's in the two Americas.

Euro-American MidCentury Design History

Mid-century modern is a term that describes mid-20th century design for interior, product, graphics architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1963.

Learn more about design we inherited and admire. Design  "... stands on the shoulders of Giants."  



Restore your Piece 1:1

Put a Value On It.  1:1 Consult


Feng Shui

Bring a photo or your large or small piece. We recommend items made of wood, metals such as brass and chrome. All photos will be discussed as a group. 1:1 advice, hands-on and restoration demonstrations will be given. This workshop will enlighten and give practical guidance. Casual / work clothes recommended. Supplies provided. Minimum of 2 persons.

A knowledgeable eye for unique 'tells' can save you time and trouble.  Googling is often not an option.  Image recognition technology is not yet robust enough and pricing varies widely. Send a photo to receive personalized service and not a group setting. 

Feeling the comfort and provenance in our interior spaces is an art and a science. This is one of those courses that speak to each person's intuition and assists in giving reason to our inner voices. "I believe that our environment determines much of our well-being." Quote: Roberta Grant, certified Feng Shui Practitioner

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