CONSULTING... it's about being in touch

with artifact history, and past and present market values.

There are many 'tells'... to learn and get leads about your items' histories, valuations, and a realistic market appreciation, take one of our design history workshops or request a consultation.  

Personal Item Identification

Identify & Value Your Item. 

Put a value on it.  1:1 Consult  Please be prepared to answer many questions about your item's history, signage, materials and more. Sometimes it's possible to conduct a session over the phone.


1.  Contact via email by tapping "Email" and attach an image.

2.  Wait 1-3 days for no-cost preliminary review response.

3.  Request a session by tapping "Book" button.

Estate Sale Valuations

Putting on a Value. Estate Consulting.

Many homes have items of great value not commonly recognized for their worth. MM+ brings a calm insight and a higher rate of return to your business investment. Our expertise ranges from European porcelain, couture clothing, American, Asian and European furnishings to a deep knowledge of all things mid-century, new and old high tech, sports equipment, new and old audio recordings. Real values are based on your preferred methods of resell.  Guidance to viable resell markets is often provided.

 We can travel to your location.  Please contact me Email / Call  so that I can answer your questions.   

Subject: Estate Sale.

MM+ is pleased to have fine researchers available for your estimations & consultations.

Our researchers have been lucky to have experiences other may not have had. This might include years to giants in their industries of art, design and architecture, couture clothing and artisans, self-made legends in their craft.

We bring to the table our world-culture exposure, training in current research methods and guidance by seasoned professionals. 


Our passion for iconic masters is circumscribed but not entirely limited to an era called Mid-Century which includes North America, South America and European design. Our scouting for items has deepened our knowledge and passion for the simplicity of design, genius of fabrication and architectural engineering. 


We offer experienced knowledge and item recognition services, we suggest selling markets, as well as pricing your items for your market of choice.

MODERNMIX+/ ModernMixPlus LLC / MM+ is upscale consignment.

Established in 2015, MM+ was a passionate online side business. 

Incorporated in 2018, the store moved in May 2019

to its present location at East Ponce Works 30030.

Destination shopping at its best, with the Dekalb Farmers Market,

world-class restaurants and downtown Decatur only 1-8 minutes away.

250 LAREDO DRIVE #100 30030
Regular Store Hours Thursday - Saturday. 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Other Days: We are at the Shop alot. Give Us a Call / Drop in.


250 Laredo Drive #100

Decatur GA 30030

404 720-1863


Mon -Tue - Wed 

Usual Thur - Fri - Sat 

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