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DIY and Paint - a brief slideshow

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Transforming a challenged wicker side table seemed a daunting task. Thinking about the challenges and the tools made the task easier and with a little bit of experience and guess-work the task was done. Here are my steps: After identifying the table was structurally sturdy, I identify the problems. In this case it was a peeling wicker top.

#1 the top needed soaking with a solvent since it was glued on. #2 Scraping and more scraping #3 Yuck, the debris, felt good to remove it #4 Sand it. #5 Pick the colors, specifically use furniture paint for best results. #6 I painted a base, dried, masked it off #7 finished product. Voila, now is useable, transformed and I sold it! As soon as we get a calendar organized we will hold workshops for you to join! See this at : All Workshops

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