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Honoring Thoughtful Human Design

Design is a synthesis of our interactions with the world around us. Design affects our minds, bodies, and souls. The cumulative effect of Design's aesthetics in our living spaces, specifically its colors, contours, and arrangement of lines and lighting, is reflected in our well-being.  


Thoughtful Design honors the materials used, showcasing the best of what each has to offer.  Design's careful selection of natural woods, metals, cotton or polymers offers up personal experiences that ease our moments.


At ModernMix+, design is human. It is meaningful for us to promote a better human experience. MM+ promotes iconic designers, pivotal manufacturers, and studios as well as any design that shows a great eye, personal aesthetic, and excellent craftsmanship.

Read MCM Design Tips from us and others on Redfin!

We are mentioned as a Mid-Century Modern design expert

on the Redfin blog!  Check out the article we were featured in:

39 Mid Century Modern Design Tips| Redfin

"Thinking about styling your home in the iconic Mid-Century Modern fashion? Design and furniture experts weigh in to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary flair.

From balancing neutrals with bright colors to orchestrating a collection of accents, this Redfin article explores the intricacies of creating a Mid-Century Modern haven. Get tips on incorporating this classic design into your space, whether you’re in a small New York apartment or just moved into a larger open concept house in LA.

We got you covered." Redfin

More publications and our blog are coming soon.
Green and Purple Succulents

I write thoughtfully on MidCentury Design - where we've been and where we are going.
I serve up Advice on restoration, sourcing, furniture selection, historical facts and the thrill of collecting and curating. We can
 be a source for your next purchase, too.

Iconic Furniture • Iconic Designers.
20th & 21st Century Design.

The Way It Should Be

Art & Iconic Style
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Find Ours and Other Experts in Redfin
39 MCM Design Tips

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash
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Workshops • Blog & newsletter, soon.

• Hands-On Furniture Restoration- Youtube in development•

A project-based series offers you an opportunity to participate in hands-on learning sessions. Workshops provide an opportunity to share your interests.

• Mid-Century Design History•

A series about transformational iconic design's impact has on people and places.

A group discussion focuses on construction, restoration, value, identification and "form and function". Showcasing relevant designers and their furnishings. 

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