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3429 Covington Hwy, Decatur GA
In Decatur Estates Co-Op

Iconic Furniture • Iconic Designers.
20th & 21st Century Design.

The Way It Should Be

 Art & Iconic Furnishings
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Honoring Thoughtful Human Design

Design is a synthesis of our interactions with the world around us. Design affects our minds, bodies, and souls. The cumulative effect of Design's aesthetics in our living spaces, specifically its colors, contours, and arrangement of lines and lighting, is reflected in our well-being.  


Thoughtful Design honors the materials used, showcasing the best of what each has to offer.  Design's careful selection of natural woods, metals, cotton or polymers offers up personal experiences that ease our moments.


At ModernMix+, design is human. It is meaningful for us to promote a better human experience. MM+ promotes iconic designers, pivotal manufacturers, and studios as well as any design that shows a great eye, personal aesthetic, and excellent craftsmanship.



• Mid-Century Design History Workshops

Several unique workshops are presented. Each reveals the transformational impact iconic design has on people and places. A group discussion focuses on construction, restoration, value, identification and "form and function".  Each showcases relevant designers and their furnishings. 

• Hands-On Furniture Restoration

A project-based series offers you an opportunity to participate in hands-on learning sessions. 

Workshops provide a sample or provide you an opportunity to bring a furnishing of your own.

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