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Dutch Designer Gijs Papvoine for Montis, Netherlands. Never owned. An easy chair with a high back for exceptional seating comfort. The back and arms form a basin-like unit of even density containing a thick, soft cushion. The rounded basin fans out in an upward direction and supports the head comfortably from behind in all directions. In red, designed 1995. One faint blemish in the skin of the leather hidden in the seam on top edge. New $3680.00

Romeo Easy Chair

$1,550.00 Regular Price
$1,224.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • We prefer to engage you with all the details, also please ask anything prior to purchasing. We have a policy of no returns and no refunds. If the item is damaged in transport, contact the shipper immediately, an insurance policy is effective for a limited time.

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