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Credits & Contributors

Many thanks to everyone that has encouraged me and made this endeavor possible.

All those of good will who offered me advice which kept me encouraged to keep all the parts and pieces of this project moving forward, your support has meant so much to me. To those who directly contributed their time, energy and expertise to make ModernMix+ a reality,  I deeply appreciate you.


On Unsplash:

Jacalyn Beales, Alex Blajhan, Timothy Buck, Sarah Burk, Mike Burke, Pim Chu, Sarah Dorweiler, Steve Harvey, Amber Ivory, Mitch Moondae, Eric Parks, Trang Ng, Corey O'Brien, Alexander Pemberton, Shane Rounce, Balaji Saliwamy, Patrick Schneider. Annie Spratt, Steiner-Engelund, Patrick Storey, Scott Webb, Cater Yang.

We will be updating regularly, any omissions are an oversight with apologies. 

Product Shots: Patricia Joe, Bill Orisich, Carlton Patterson, Haley Wetherington

Story Shots:  Haley Wetherington

Credits in order of image appearance

Graffiti Office Chair Set -Shane Rounce, Steiner-Engelund, Eric Parks, Florence Knoll set-unknown, Jose Z. Caldas chair-unknown, Jose Z. Caldas portrait-unknown, Harry Bertoia- Knoll archives, Museum Balboa- Steve, Harvey, Succulents - Scott Webb, Eames Chair setting-Patrick Storey, Radio on chair- Alex Blajhan, Eames chair and textile basket - Sarah Dorweiler, Dog - Mike Burke, Restore tools - Sarah Burk, Lizard-Balaji Saliwamy, Textiles -Trang Ng, Jacalyn Beales,Noguchi lamps- Corey O'Brien, Lamp Shade - Steiner Engelund, Chair setting Alexander Pemberton, Sofa Textile set - Amber Ivory, Light set - Timothy Buck, Chair Set -Cater Yang, Office Chair -Mitch Moondae, Degraded upholstery -Pim Chu, Painted Farm Table - Unknown.  We will be updating regularly, any omissions and inaccuracies are an oversight with apologies. Inquiries will be handled in a timely manner.

Many thanks to these contributors who made my life easier and this project possible.

Tim Bennet assisted on other projects in my life to free me up to do this, John Hinkel - fellow modern design enthusiast, Danny Mueller taught me about the creative production process, Carlton Patterson for encouragement and product shoots, Shannon Ragland - insight into product rollout, social media process, Instagram marketing advice, Ux and graphic feedback, Diana Steele - copy edits, Ux and graphics feedback, Teri Wall - copy edits, feedback and insight into critical points and pivots in the process, B. Watson - productive financial criticism, Karin Zarin - product prepping, cataloging and marketing enthusiast.


Georgia Tech and the Atlanta UX community.

Living in the 'Age of Independent Media Content Creation', giving me insights into a multitude of financial processes and personality dynamics.

Bill Orisich for insightful day-to-day mentoring and Sabina Joe for daily and weekly chats about life and structure.

My sons Ben, Noah and Ethan who are "there" for me with companionship, physical help, information and volunteering often insightfully dry and humorous feedback.  

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