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ModernMixPlus (MM+) and its representatives work to bring clients and consignors together. We do your product research, local, national and international marketing and care for your possessions. Our restoration efforts are meticulous. We use our own well-trained staff and when necessary, we contract with and recommend highly skilled professionals that we have worked with previously.

Thank you from MM+ to allow us to represent you.



BUY-OUTS  are negotiated 1:1. Please do not be discouraged if our first offer and your ask are vastly different numbers, we view this as negotiation. We will try to meet your ask within a mutually satisfiable arrangement as well as satisfy market demand and costs.  Our offers and efforts reflect positions that make our business sustainable, continuing to provide stellar service, something in which we have the expertise, find joy and love the product design.

RESTORATION: MM+ professional expertise and time have value. We share our knowledge easily, however, for restoration we must request a reasonable and respectful service fee described in 1. Market Pricing and Display Restoration item #3.

CONSIGNMENT % SPLITS are based on an item’s net sale:

a. $5 - $99   45% Consignor / 55%  MM+                     d. $5000 - $7599   60% Consignor /  40% MM+

b. $100 - $1499   50% Consignor / 50%  MM+             e. $7600 - up   65 % Consignor / 35%  MM+

c. $1500 - $4999   55% Consignor /  45% MM+   

  1. MARKET PRICING and Display Restoration:  Several conditions apply.

    1. Many items are sold online, on our local and on national sites. We scour the national and international markets that best suit your item and price your items competitively to those markets. Websites outside of ModernMixPlus enterprise operations reflect pricing that absorbs their fees.

    2. Many items are subject to art market price fluctuations, increasing or decreasing in value, and auctions.

    3. Polishing and the restoration of moderately damaged furniture is a responsibility that MM+ takes seriously.  We must provide a high display standard; your item will fetch a higher price and will sell faster. Our minimums begin with a $15 - $35 fee and a maximum of $200 per piece, payable upon online display, retrieval or sale.


MM+ will work with the owners regarding the sales. We communicate your wishes and work with you to care for and sell your item at the best price. We will display and keep your merchandise indefinitely or until the Owner or MM+ requests retrieval.


Occasionally an Owner wishes to retrieve an item. If so, please notify MM+ as soon as possible so MM+ can make floor and online arrangements. Unfortunately, if retrieval is requested within 30 days of store arrival a 25% charge is incurred against the consignor's account per item.  If an item has been rented, the rental must be completed prior to retrieval.

  1. SELLING & MARKDOWNS:  Several conditions apply.

    1. We make every effort to not markdown your product promoting it through several methods, in-store, company website, external third party websites. However, to facilitate sales we reserve the right to negotiate a price that remains market competitive.

    2. National auction sites require markdowns after a 90-day posting period


We take great care of handling all items and providing active security.  We have a stellar reputation, great clientele, and insurance. ModernMix+ does its utmost to prevent small items from being stolen however, it cannot be held responsible for all pocket-size items.


Administrative selling costs: 

A $15 annual consignor membership fee is applied beginning 2020.


Consignor Responsibilities: Potential merchandise must arrive at least half an hour before the end of the day. Photos are required for large merchandise. Upon physical viewing, some items might not be accepted.


Be Mindful: Checks are mailed the first two weeks of each month for accounts with a balance exceeding $50.  Each mailed check will incur a $2 mailing fee. At this time MM+ will provide a Google spreadsheet or a Google document of your listed items.


Please read this contract; you are responsible for the terms and conditions. We will try to work with you; however, we cannot be responsible for your oversights. Though we try to provide you notice in the store as well as online, any consignment rules are subject to change without notice.  Additionally, please do not be offended if we do not accept your items as our skilled staff must rely on past and present experience to determine what and how we will sell your item.


Occasionally, television, film, event, and advertising studios request furnishings to rent.  We do require 100% coverage from the rental company for all damages and scheduled dates. All rental periods are strictly observed. We share 30% of the rental fees with the consignor. If you agree to this arrangement, designated items will be available for rent,  please initial here._________


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