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Restoration Services

Woodwork  Mid-Century Specialty Refinishing

Minor Repairs


Submit 2-6 photos, a brief summary, and your contact information.
404 720-1863 /   Please copy our e-address into your email.
Our response time is 48 hours.  
  • All of our professionals provide expert assessments.

  • Work in-house or out-sourced.

  • We perform many repairs and refinishes.

  • If we determine your item deserves advanced attention, we outsource it to local or national professionals.

  • We have proof of their work in the shop.

  • If their items sold, we have a recorded work history and confidence in their work.

  • MidCentury materials are primarily: Walnut, Birch, Beech, Teak, Maple, Rosewood, Paper Cord, and Hemp.

Walnut and Maple
Maple Chair
Worn edges
Viennese/Austrian 1930s
Stripped of Poly
Remove thick poly
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