This Vitra miniature is a replica of the Mezzadro Seat designed in 1957 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The designers used a common tractor seat for the springy metal seat, fastening it with a wing nut to the spring-based arched steel strip utilized in tractors to absorb the shock of uneven ground.

They enhanced the stability of the cantilever structure by a wooden cross-strut that resembled the rungs of a wooden ladder. Each of these parts clearly embodies its task as a part of a functional whole. The Castiglioni brothers considered a design successful only once they had managed to eliminate all the unnecessary components, to find an optimal expression for this concentration on the essential.

Castiglioni Mezzadro Stool 1957 Miniature

  • 3 3/8 inch H x 3 1/8 inchW x  3 1/2 inchD