In perfect condition, never displayed, remained in box. Handmade, an exact replica at 1:6 scale* using all the original materials as the full-size item. B3 Wassily Chair designed by Marc Breuer. The item is in perfect condition as is the original box, brochure, and original packing. 


Perfect for all collectors. Vitra Museum Miniatures, the world-renowned collection of international designers.
* Barbi- doll sized / scale 


This Vitra miniature is a reproduction of Marcel Breuer's iconic Wassily club chair. Breuer (1902 - 1981) was one of the most important designers of the early modern age. He designed the Wassily Chair at the Bauhaus, founded by Walter Gropius in 1919.  

lt is the first piece of furniture in the history of design to be made from seamless, precision-drawn tubular steel. lts transparency and visible structure are expressions of the stringent aesthetic approach that prevailed in architecture and design following World War 1.

Miniature B3 Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer