Handmade, an exact replica at 1:6 scale* using all the original materials as the full-size item. The item is in excellent condition** as is the original box, brochure, and original packing.


Rare/No longer in production.


Perfect for all collectors. Vitra Museum Miniatures, the world-renowned collection of international designers.
* Barbi- doll sized / scale

** Excellent not mint. The fragile micro-screws detached themselves from the base of the chair during its journey to my possession.  A jeweler has professionally replaced a missing screw and bolt and reattached all others.  All mentioned is not visible nor does it affect the function of the chair.


Vitra Miniature Karuselli Chair by Yrjo Kukkapuro. One of the most unusual icons of Scandinavian design, the Karuselli Chair was designed by Yrjo Kukkapuro in 1964. The Karuselli chair was named the world's most comfortable armchair by The New York Times. The chair can be found in museums across the world. The swiveling and rocking chair is a classic piece of Finnish design culture. 

Karuselli No.412 Chair Miniature